Subject: Re: Howto setup NFS for sun3/80
To: None <>
From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/26/1998 12:37:38
       Not to be dumb, but can't you just edit /etc/exports on the
       server side, exportfs -a the filesystems, and then just mount
       as usual on the client side?  Of course, you'll have to have
       nfsd's running on the server, but....  I've done this between
       my 3/80 running 1.3 and my primary PC running 'some other OS
       which closely resembles UNIX.'  ;-)  Had no problems.  

       If you're looking for general 'HOW-TO' information for setting
       up NFS go out and buy the NFS and NIS O'Reilly book ISBN

(also see man exports(5) and man nfsd(8))... HOWEVER, my 1.3 system
doesn't seem to have a man page for exportfs, nor does it have a
binary in /sbin, or the usual directory suspects... hmmmph.  A man -k
export just gives me exports(5)... OK, I _am_ being dumb.  What's up
here?  AHHHH, look at man mountd(8), the trick is to send a HUP to
mountd after editing /etc/exports.  Jeesh, why not include a little
script named 'exportfs' which does this?  Everyone knows about
exportfs, but it took some poking around to find out this little
quirkyness about NetBSD and mountd... oh well. 

Cheers from an obvious NetBSD newbie here as well...