Subject: getty repeating to fast on (ttya,ttyb) sleeping
To: portsun3 <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Claude Foley <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/17/1998 16:40:00
Hi everybody,

I send this message to netbsd-help, and I receive only one answer but
thanks god the answer help a little bit. Is it ok to ask for help on

I just get another Sun 3/60, and I already had one with NetBSD-1.1, I
want to test it.

The problem is that when I boot a new Sun, it works only in single user

The difference between the one that is working and the one that is not

		Working one	Failing one
memory:	24M		4M
monitor:		black & white	no monitor but there is plug for
color monitor
console(prom):	b&w		ttya( using a qume terminal, set

When I goes from one to the other I simply unplug all the cable from one
and I plug it to the other

When I boot on the failing one everything goes smoothly but when it goes
to multi user, I have an error message from getty( may be init ).
Error is: getty is repeating to quickly on ttya sleeping
                getty is repeating to quickly on ttyb sleeping

the result is that I never have a login prompt on ttya and I have to
halt it.

Once again it works in single user mode.

Also I need to know where could I find a color monitor and a list of
model that works ( a web site where I could order will be perfect )

Thanks for your help.

Claude Foley.