Subject: Re: Sun 3/60 and XKernel trouble: dies with exception
To: Alexander Jolk <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/15/1998 17:41:49
At 06:31 PM 4/15/98 +0200, Alexander Jolk wrote:
>we recently got for free several old Sun3 machines that we are going
>to use as X terminals, if possible.  I successfully set up netbooting
>from our Linux server, but after loading the kernel, the sun machine
>invariably dies with an `exception 2C'.  (I'm unfortunately not sure
>about the number, and I can't right now check this again.)  I have no
>experience with neither NetBSD nor Sun3 machines whatsoever, so I
>thought perhaps someone with more knowledge could straight away rule
>out one or several of the following possible causes:

>(c) The Sun3's arrived at our place without memory.  I installed 4
>1MBx3 SIMMs and set the jumpers accordingly.  I know that 4MB is too

I've always heard that 1MBx3 SIMMs were a no-no, and would probably not
work. They work on some machines, but....

Do you have any 1MBx9 true-parity SIMMs? 
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