Subject: Sun 3/60 and XKernel trouble: dies with exception
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alexander Jolk <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/15/1998 18:31:26

we recently got for free several old Sun3 machines that we are going
to use as X terminals, if possible.  I successfully set up netbooting
from our Linux server, but after loading the kernel, the sun machine
invariably dies with an `exception 2C'.  (I'm unfortunately not sure
about the number, and I can't right now check this again.)  I have no
experience with neither NetBSD nor Sun3 machines whatsoever, so I
thought perhaps someone with more knowledge could straight away rule
out one or several of the following possible causes:

(a) I installed the XKernel package from,
/pub/unix/systems/BSD/NetBSD/arch/sun3/x11r6/Xkernel-root.tar.gz, and
unpacked it on the Linux server under /usr/local/Xkernel-root.  I had
/etc/bootparams point to that directory as root, and to a
(nonexistent) file in that directory as swap.  Could this be the
cause?  How do I have to set up that swap file?

(b) I linked /tftpboot/<some hex string> to
/usr/local/XKernel-root/netbsd, and this is what got booted by tftp as
I can tell from the file size.  Is this correct?

(c) The Sun3's arrived at our place without memory.  I installed 4
1MBx3 SIMMs and set the jumpers accordingly.  I know that 4MB is too
short to do something reasonable with that machine ones it boots.
Is the XKernel supposed to boot correctly with only 4MB, or could this
be the cause?  (Finding more memory, or finding 1MBx9 SIMMs, could be
difficult these days...)  I do not believe in faulty memory, though,
because the error code seems reproducible to me.

(d) One of the two Sun 3/60 I tested had a graphics board installed.
I removed that for testing, but the monitor would not show anything so
I booted using a serial console and the DIAG mode.  Is this in error?
The other Sun3, without any previously installed graphics board,
exhibits the exact same error, though.

Let me know if I left out some important information.  Thanks for any
and all help,

Alexander Jolk * * +49-721-608-3572