Subject: Re: isr_vectored: vector=0x40 (not claimed)
To: tomp <>
From: Jeremy Cooper <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/07/1998 19:16:09
On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, tomp wrote:

> I'm trying to get a Sun3x up and running NetBSD 1.3.

You didn't specify an exact model.  From what you've described below, I
assume that you are using a 3/80.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

> The system is installed and seems to run fine, except that with in a day
> of booting it stops responding. If I hook a terminal up, I see lines
> scrolling quickly that say:

> isr_vectored: vector=0x40 (not claimed)
> I haven't had any luck finding out what this means, or what to do next to
> solve it. Nothing seems out of place in the logs.

What you are seeing is a diagnostic message from the kernel's interrupt
handler.  A device in the system is causing an interrupt and the kernel is
attempting to find a device driver willing to handle it.  When no device
driver claims the interrupt, an unclaimed interrupt occurs. That
particular interupt vector (0x40) has been reserved for the floppy drive
in NetBSD.  Have you been using it? 

In either case, you probably have uncovered a bug in the floppy driver.
The next time it happens, please issue the following commands:

  db> mach abort
  > ^a

The ROM Monitor will print a table of device registers, their physical
addresses, and the virtual addresses to which they are currently mapped
within the system.   You need to find the address to which the
floppy drive registers are mapped.  I unfortunately don't have a 3/80
powered on nearby so I cannot give you a specific line to look for.  It
will begin somewhat like ``FDC_STATUS'' and the value in the physical
address column should read ``0x6e000000''.  Observe the address in the
virtual address column and use it in the next command.  Pretend that it is
0xfef02000 in this example.

  > o fef02000
  FF? [enter]

You will likely see a different value than FF.  Send me the result and
the output of the /sbin/dmesg command (which you must aquire before the
machine crashes).