Subject: Re: UUCP config files?
To: None <>
From: Makoto Fujiwara <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/20/1997 23:27:39
 I am afraid it is too wide distribution, and again am talking 
out of topic,

rickgc> I looked in Netbsd i386 1.2.1, Netbsd Vax 1.1a, Netbsd Sun3 1.2, Netbsd
rickgc> Sun3x 1.2 and there is only a empty directory "UUCP".  Does anybody know
rickgc> where I can get a copy or where the files are that should be in these
rickgc> directories?

 I am not congfiguring uucp on NetBSD, ( bud doing on Taylor on SunOS,)

on NetBSD 1.2E on sun3x, I tried to put sys file on /etc/uucp,
# cat /etc/uucp/sys
system testname
# uuname
and uuname responded, it looks to me the collect location.
Taylor uucp uses very simple file format, if you have info (on Emacs), 
it will tell you how to configure. Otherwise, ask uucp experts.

I will show you more....

filname	 comments
-------  -------------------
call     calling out parameters in following format
         systemname loginname passwd
config   Basic config
dial     dialing parameters (AT commands/chat script)
passwd   reception login/passwd in following format
         loginname password 
port	 port/type/device/etc, (following is my sample)
         port V110
         type modem 
         device /dev/cua1
         speed 38400
         dialer V110

         port TCP
         type tcp

sys      Major setup
Makoto Fujiwara