Subject: Re: UUCP config files?
To: None <>
From: Rick GC <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/18/1997 05:49:32
>Rick GC writes:
>> Does the NetBSD 1.2.1 include UUCP?
>> According to the man pages a
>> configuration file should exist at /usr/lib/uucp/config
>look in /etc.


I looked in Netbsd i386 1.2.1, Netbsd Vax 1.1a, Netbsd Sun3 1.2, Netbsd
Sun3x 1.2 and there is only a empty directory "UUCP".  Does anybody know
where I can get a copy or where the files are that should be in these

Rick Copeland
>Please file a PR about the documentation being wrong.