Subject: Re: (close to) current
To: Thomas A. Goldthorpe <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/01/1997 11:11:27
On Fri, Aug 01, 1997 at 12:29:30PM -0400, Thomas A. Goldthorpe wrote:
> Is there anyplace I can retrieve a (close to) current snapshot for the
> sun3?

I've put a July 2nd Sun3 snapshot up on my box.  You can grab it via
anon ftp to (still working on a nice cname).

This snapshot was built using an i386->sun3 cross-compiler, and
seemed to work fine on my 3/110.  The only "problem" is that the
cross-compile environment doesn't like to build groff for some reason,
so that whole tree is missing (but the 1.2.1 stuff works just fine).

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