Subject: Sun 3/280
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hakan Thorngren <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/16/1997 09:59:24
There is a possibility that I can obtain a Sun 3/280, but I do not know
how complete the machine is.  I had a look at it yesterday and if I
describe it, maybe someone who are familiar with it can enlight me?

It is a rather cubic thing with the chassis bare all around with a
loose front.  There is no case  of any kind.  Is it supposed to be mounted 
in some kind of cabinet?

There are some boards mounted in it and one empty hole, possibly a
board that has been taken from it.
The boards appear to be:
1. Some kind of I/O board with the standard connectors for keyboard, monitor,
   ethernet and serial ports.
2. A SCSI board with the old style SUN SCSI connector.
3. Two(?) CPU boards.  After reading the little information I could
   find in FAQs, there should only be a single 68020?

The machine appears to be "naked" without disks and tape.

Now my questions:

1. Why are there two CPU boards?
2. Is the missing board likely to be have been a memory board?
3. Is it possible to buy a memory board for it today at a reasonable price?
4. How much memory is it likely that it have in its current configuration?
   (Hooking it up and get it running would be a major task as I would have
   to borrow a monitor from another place and move the heavy machine to
   a different location.)
5. How should the front be attached?
6. I have an Amiga 3000 running NetBSD, I got the impression that I can
   use it to boot the SUN as a diskless over the network.  
   If I purchase a new SCSI disk, can I format it on the SUN (or the Amiga) 
   and use it on the SUN?
7. There are SCSI In/Out connectors on the back, what are they for?
8. Is it very power hungry?  I do not want my elctricity bill to sky-rocket...