Subject: Re: Sun shoebox?
To: Rick Copeland <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/01/1997 11:30:08
On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Rick Copeland wrote:

> I have what I believe is what some call a "shoebox", I contains a Archive
> tape drive and a 330 meg ESDI type hard disk.  The box is about 11" x 12" x
> 6" .   It also contains two driver boards one for the tape and one for the
> disk and a power supply.  Can anyone tell me what this is for shure.

It's just what you've described. :-) The ESDI disk is on an Emulex
ESDI/SCSI converter; that disk appears as target 0 lun 0, and a
second ESDI disk would appear as target 0 lun 1. The tape drive is
on the SCSI bus as well. I've used these just fine with NetBSD.


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