Subject: Re: How do I run NetBSD on a Diskless Sun 3?
To: Calvin Chu <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/24/1997 00:31:28
On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Calvin Chu wrote:

> I got hold of a Sun 3/50 and a Sun 3/60.  There are no hard disks on
> either machine and I have no access to any manuals or system software for
> these machines.  I'm a complete newbie to this Sun stuff so I apologize.
> Please help me out here if you can.  
	No need to apologise - welcome to the world of sun hardware :)

> The Sun 3/50 has 4 MB of ram, a monochrome monitor, and keyboard.  The Sun
> 3/60 as yet has no monitor, no keyboard and has BNC video connectors (S,
> R, G, B) in the back.... so I as yet havn't determined the amount of ram
> it has.
	Sun3/60s take 1Mb simms, up to 24 (unless you have a (rare)
	cheaper model), in sets of 4. (with parity)

	You can use either machine with a monitor (looks like you have a
	colour framebuffer in the 3/60), or via a serial console.
	Both suns and the amiga should be able to run pretty much the same
	userland binaris (depending on compile time options for CPU

> Here are other machines I have, please email me suggestions and what
> options I have to go about setting up these machines to run NetBSD.
> 1) A NetBSD/Amiga 1.1 system, no ethernet card.  I have root on this.
> 2) A FreeBSD Pentium system in close proximity with an Ethernet card.  I
> do not have root on this.
	In order to run diskless you really need to have root on a box
	with an ethernet card (or get the admin to set it up for you :)
	The sun3 install notes should cover the procedure...

	Alternatively you could fit a drive to one of the machines -
	its just about possible to get a 3.5" drive inside a 3/60, though
	external is better...


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