Subject: Re: 3/80 help
To: Jeremy Cooper <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/18/1997 22:37:13
> > esp0: SCSI Bus Reset
> I see this message whenever I disconnect something from the SCSI bus while
> the machine is still running.  I believe it may have something to do with
> SCSI termination.  Let me guess, have you any SCSI devices connected?  I
> bet you don't.  See if you can put a terminator either on the outside
> SCSI-II connector or the 50-bin header on the inside.
> -J

::: Ok, don't laugh... :::

It's true I don't have any devices attached (not even terminators =).  One
thing I didn't mention is that even when I hook a terminated device to the
bus it still does this.

Now, I didn't say that the fuse that governs the SCSI bus is also blown
(stupid under the hood with clumsy hands =).  Shorting it with a bit of wire
doesn't help.  This is a machine that I'm pretty sure the SCSI controller
is quite dead =), but most everything else works (ttya, memory, and ethernet
work at least).

So, my delima is I need a kernel with NO scsi support at all to go any
further (or at least one that doesn't scroll messages all day long =) so I
can see if I'm getting anywhere.  I'd prefer to try a kernel with no SCSI
support (after I get NetBSD installed I can rebuild my own for my poor
machine... I've just got a chicken and egg problem starting out).

--Jason Wright