Subject: Re: two questions
To: None <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/18/1997 22:26:59
Daniel S. Kosack drunkenly mumbled...
>   Why does Linux do many of the things it does... no one may ever really
> know. :)

ahhh, excellent point!!!  :)

>   Hold a sec... I think you're going about this all wrong.  Firstly, you
> don't need to modify the kernel to do multilink PPP (or, MPP for short).
> Heck, Win95 doesn't even do it through the kernel AFAIK.  Just because
> Linux does it that way does NOT mean it's the only right way.  Linux
> thrives on breaking/bending the rules and trying wierd "sledgehammer in
> lieu of shotgun" methods.

i didn't mean do it in the kernel like linux, i just meant to get some ideas
from how it is done there.  

>   MPP would be far more effective than across the board line balancing,
> IMO, only because you can use one line or more than one line, and add
> those additional lines as needed.

hmm, ok, well where would i find the information i need to do an MPP port of

>  Hmm... it seems you're not familiar with the Sun3, or you're trying your
> hand at sarcasm.

oh, no, i am rather familiar with the sun3 line as i own two of them (not that
they run yet, i need to work on that, speaking of which, anyone know where i
could pick up two si SCSI hosts for a 9U VME cage? [Sun 3/180] i would need
two, and they should be dirt-cheap/free as i can't justify spending any money
on these boxen)

i was just mentioning it in case he was also interested in a cg6 for the sparc
line as i know i can grab one if needed.  just trying to help out. :)


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