Subject: i need advice on hardware and an OS
To: Sun3 NetBSD Mailing List <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/11/1997 00:51:56
ok, let's see if i can explain myself without confusing anybody (which i tend
to do if i don't concentrate on what i am writing, i'm a CompSci geek, not
an English grad *G*)

i need advice on what i should do.  if i had an unlimited amount of cash i
know exactly what i would do, however.......

i need to set up 3-5 Xterminalish machines.  and i need to do it in $500 or 
less (less would be prefered)  i didn't choose the sun3 platform simply on
the basis of cost, but mostly because this particular hardware serves my needs
and my, uhm, motif (why was that word so hard to think of? probably because
when i think motif i think Motif and Widgets, etc... *sigh*)

looking at my .sig.....  these are for web wanking.  so color is important. :)
i was thinking along the lines of a sun3x machine, but that raises the 
question of how stable is NetBSD on the sun3x platform?  is it at "production"
level yet? or would SunOS be a better choice at this time??

so, am i making any sense? i think so, but i've lost my train of thought. i
really truely need to get some sleep.  anyway, here are some more disjointed

what would be a good minimal setup to run NutScrape and maybe a couple xterms
without really dogged performance?  what is a good solution the the $500
problem?  i would like either 17" or 19" monitors.  on that note i found a
source for Sun Sony 17" color tubes (PN 365-1143) for $50 each.  what is the
general condition of these monitors? clean, clear & crisp, or muddy, dark and
fuzzy like the 17" Sun Sony monitor on my LX at work?

should i run each machine independantly, or should i go for a client/server
approach and run the sun3's as Xterminals??

thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc....

thanks, and sorry about my inability to keep a single thought in my head for
long enough to get it written down (i never got good grades in English because
of this *grin*)


** Brian Hechinger ** ** **
"Color is for web wanking.  mono is for writing code.  Gimme a Mono Sun 3 and 
an expresso machine any day :-)"

						-Bob Beck