Subject: Re: Sun3x RAMDISK and Miniroot available
To: Jeremy Cooper <>
From: Oliver Raupach <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/24/1997 18:10:26
> A RAMDISK and Miniroot image for NetBSD/sun3x are available for ftp at:
> As usual, the install instructions for NetBSD/sun3x are the same as
> NetBSD/sun3.  The files in the directory mentioned above are replacements
> for the files referenced in this document.

I tried to install the Miniroot but unfortunately I don't know much
about partition a NetBSD disk.

I have a Qunatum XP 1GB and would like to have 500MB for NetBSD.
What's the right way to do this ?
What is the difference between /dev/rsd0a, rsd0b, rsd0c, .... ?

I tried 'edlabel /dev/rsd0c', but if I copyed the Miniroot, I
get '/dev/rsd0b is Read-Only file-system' !!???

Now I have:
partition start (c/t/s) nblks    (c/t/s)        type
a (root)    0   (0/0/0)  200000  (357/0/80)*   4.2BSD
b (swap)    0   (0/0/0)   40000  (71/02/16)*   swap
c (disk)    0   (0/0/0)  2203480 (3934/3/104)* unknown


     Oliver Raupach