Subject: Anybody know the jumper settings for a "si" card?
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/14/1997 01:33:45
(I know, this isn't strictly on topic, but it's a big step towards getting
NetBSD up on my Sun box).

The machine: a 3/260
1 - CPU 
2 - **
3 - cg2
4 - FPA
5 - 8mb
6 - 8mb
7 - sc0 (internal SCSI)
8 - xtc0 (tape controller)
9 - (si0) -- problem child. It has the external connector.
0 - **
1 - **
2 - ALM mti0

Now, the machine runs SunOS 4.1.1 great. It has internal drives that it
boots from, and I never have a bit of problems. The machine has served me
well, and heated my dorm room excellently (a couple of years ago)*. 

Today I picked up a 3/110 that has a 4mb RAM card and the si0 SCSI card. If
I take the card and drop it into the /260 then the /260 has a fit. When trying
to boot from sd(,,), it hangs the SCSI bus. The drive light comes on and
stays on -- the prom complains that the bus is continously busy. 

If I try to boot from sd(1,,) (the 105mb drive hooked up has a 4.1.1_u1
install), the prom k2's and then traps. 

I assume this means that both cards are trying to be at the same address?

How do I set the jumpers on the backplane? Do I pull out the bottom two for
that slot? Both P903 and P904? Either? Just P904? 

How do I jumper the si0 card to not conflict with the sc0?

The plan is to install NetBSD on the si0 card (and 105mb drive), and NFS mount
/usr and such. Then I would have sc0 with drives and a tape drive, for testing.

Oh, and while I'm here: Which of those other cards will cause problems? How
can I get around those problems? Taking the cards out is an option, but the
safest place for them is inside the machine. 

[*]Quotes from early in the morning: 
Jill: "What's that noise?"
Jeff: "It's his *computer*." 

Quotes from one afternoon:
Dorm director: "You know one of your residents took his windows out?"
RA:            "Yep, and the room is still hot. It's his computer."

Thanks guys. 

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