Subject: Re: -current boot over network
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/29/1997 17:03:13
> It means the kernel took an MMU fault (page not mapped)
> at an address where the kernel does not allows faults.
> > Stopped at	_Debugger+0x6: unlk a6
> > db> trace
> > _Debugger(0,8,e553e00,ee87b38,e075c1a) + 6
> > __pmap_fault(e100000,0,1) + 32
> > _trap(8,145,8) + 3ca
> > sun3_mmu_specific(?)
> > _nfs_reply(e528680) + 38
> [...]
> More specifically, the backtrace above shows that there was an
> attempt to access VA=8 (null pointer plus struct offset?), and
> that access happened at nfs_reply+0x38.  The next step would be
> to disassemble that function to see what data structure it was
> using, and try to deduce why it ended up using a null pointer.
> Are your kernel sources up-to-date with -current?

This kernel was built with 97-apr-25 sources, but this problem has
been happening mid-february -current sources.  Apparently, it occurs
only with this diskless client, since I have another Sun 3/60 which
runs fine with an 1.2C kernel (about early March), that is the server
for the diskless client.

I have not been using this working 3/60 as NFS client, but will do
it soon so I can check if the problem is more general.