Subject: Re: Sun 3/80 without...
To: Glenn Thobe <>
From: Andrew Walker <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/25/1997 21:49:40
On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Glenn Thobe wrote:

> > Emmanuel Keller wrote:
> > >   I have 3 Sun 3/80 stations. But they don't have
> > >  any RAM, and no disk, ...
> > >    * Where can I find simms (9 bits/100 ns I think) ?
> > Yes, you want 9-chip (1x9) 30-pin SIMMs at 100ns or faster.
> Or better yet, go for the 4x9 (4 MB) size, which you can use under 
> BOOT PROM revision 3.0.3.  Then you can have up to 64MB in your 3/80.
> If you plan to install more than 40MB, however, a minor hardware 
> modification is required.  (I am only reporting what I have read, so
> I cannot guarantee that any of this will actually work.)

I think you read this a bit wrong actually. If I remember correctly
it states that:

	PROM rev. 3.0.3 is found on 12-rev-50 motherboards.
	Sun claim official support for 40MB but tests show no
	problems with 64MB.

	To use a 3.0.3 PROM in the earlier motherboard revision,
	08-rev-50 I think, you need to do a couple of hardware mods,
	which the author tested successfully..

There are PROM images for 3.0.3 at the web site, but you'll need
to burn a new PROM to try things out (assuming you don't already
have a 3.0.3 PROM).

> I have heard from what I believe are reliable sources that SunOS works 
> with up to 1GB (10^30 bytes) *per partition*.  I have used 1GB disks 
> myself under SunOS.  Sun only ever supported 105 MB hard disks in their 
> 3/80s, but :-).

... I'm running with an ST1481N mounted internally which is a 420MB
disk, plus two external ST41600N 1.4GB Elites. One of these has just
one large partition under SunOS 4.1.1.


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