Subject: Re: Lost password
To: Rick GC <>
From: Bob Beck <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/17/1997 20:01:19
	Yes, you can boot off a tape and do it just fine, in fact, if
you can make yourself a netbsd boot tape it might even work, all you
have to do it mount /, get at /etc/passwd, and zot root's crypted
password entry.  You could also boot off the net rather than a tape.
You could also plug the drive into any other NetBSD or SunOS sun box
and mount the / filesystem, and do the same thing.

	Just in case you haven't tried it, unless the person changed 
the way SunOS 4.1.1 comes out of the box, you can also try (from the 
prom monitor)

> b sd(0,0,0) -s   
(or whatever target your drive is)

	and unless they made the console unsecure in the /etc/ttytab 
file (it isn't by default) you'll be up in single user mode without
a password. then you just change root's pasword and you're done.


> I recently purchased an old Maxtor 330 meg harddrive.  When I connected it
> up SunOs 4.1.1 came up, however I cannot get into it because I do not have
> the password.  It seems like someone once told me that it was possible to
> change the password by using the boot tape, has anyone ever heard of this?
> I know this question is a little off the Netbsd subject but I can't think of
> anyother forum to put it up to.
> Thanks,
> Rick GC