Subject: Re: trouble with keyboard on X11R6.3
To: Ian Dall <>
From: Eugene Meleshko <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/17/1997 18:10:23
> Does anyone want to have a go at a type3 keyboard definition?
> Ian
Yes, I began write this XKB-defenitions for sun(type 3). XKB-keycodes and
XKB-geometry prepared alredy. XKB-symbols is remain. I have not much time,
but I hope, that I finish this work the next week. I shall prepare Cyrillic
keysyms also, but this is not actually need for You, as I undestand.
  I still have some little questions. Really, from my discovery, xmodmap and
xkb-stuff work on most X-software and undestand keyboard switch from Group1-
keysyms to Group2 and back. But XTERM!... This case hard to believe for me.
I type and see Cyrillic symbols only in "Secure keyboard" mode. In all other
cases, when I type Cyrillic symbols - I see Latin symbols. This is not fonts
problem! I can see, but I can't type! This is not seven bit problem - stty cs8
-noparenb !
  Excuse me, for this nightmare notes.
  With best regards, Eugene Meleshko.