Subject: Re: Sun 3 X11R6.3 Binaries and Xkernel Now Available
To: None <>
From: Ian Dall <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/09/1997 13:45:53
Scott Ellis <> writes:

  > In "Sun 3 X11R6.3 Binaries and Xkernel Now Available", Curt Sampson
  > <> wrote: 
  >> I've put up Ian Dall's X11R6.3 binaries and patches for the Sun 3
  >> on, if anyone wants
  >> them. There's also an Xkernel root image there to allow the use of
  >> those old 3/50s as Xterms.

  > I finally got around to installing this, and it looks like the bins
  > were stripped with a non-native 'strip' program.  They pretend to work,
  > and 'ldd' works on them, yet the sizes are way out of whack...appres was
  > over
  > 10M. ;-)  Did something corrupt my tarfile, or are these truly hosed?

Whoops. That is almost certainly what happened. Funny thing is it doesn't
stop them from working, nor do they take up that much disk space if they
are copied by a means which preserves holes. All strip does is
a truncate. Look on the bright side, a truncate to a shorter length
would have stopped them working at all, (on the other hand, I would
have noticed sooner)!

If "size" returns somethign sensible (I think it should even if the
header has been read and written by a little endian strip) then you
should just be able to run strip on your sun3 to get "normal" filesizes.
You might need to unpack using "tar --sparse".

I created this all by cross compiling which, of course, is how the
non-native strip got invoked --- presumably from install -s. I do have
a sun3-install which is just like a normal install except it execs
sun3-strip instead of strip. I'll fix the config to use sun3-install
and try again. I still have the object directory, so hopefully I can
convince it to do the make install again without rebuilding

Sorry for the inconvenience.