Subject: Sun3x netbsd on Jaz drive - success.
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Bob Beck <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/05/1997 11:56:24
	Reporting success for posterity, I've managed to get NetBSD
sun3x up booting from a Jaz disk.  My stuff:
	Sun3/80, motherboard rev 10r50, bootrom rev 3.0 16MB RAM.
	1GB jaz drive (Mac formatted cartridge, not like it matters)
	Another 3/80 running SunOS 4.1.1 U1 as the boot host
	A 3/50 running NetBSD 1.2 off an Sun (emulex/micropolis)
	135 MB beater.
	I got Jeremy's kernel booting off the net before, however my
attempts to get it to boot off disk hadn't worked so good, probably
due to the disks I was using. I have a couple of old Sun emulex drives
(the kind with a Micropolis 1355 135MB ESDI drive and an Emulex SCSI
board that makes them look like SCSI to the machine.) I've used these
as my NetBSD 1.2 sun3 drives for a variety of sun3's for quite a
while. Unfortunately for whatever reason, the 3/80 seemed absolutely
determined not to see the Emulex disk drive. Strange since the 3/50
and 3/60 like them just fine, mind you these aren't exactly normal.

	Being a glutton for punishment and not having another drive 
handy I snagged a Jaz drive for a while (If anything's not normal
that is :) My method:

	1) Plug JAZ drive into my Sun3/80 running SunOS 4.1.1, and 
label it. the format.dat entry for 1GB Jaz as follows:

disk_type = "Jaz 1GB" \
        : ctlr = MD21 : fmt_time = 4 \
        : ncyl = 1018 : acyl = 2 : pcyl = 1020 : nhead = 64 : nsect = 32 \
        : rpm = 3600 : bpt = 16384

partition = "Jaz 1GB" \
         : disk = "Jaz 1GB" : ctlr = MD21 \
         : c =  0, 2084864

	I then ran format->partition, gave it 32MB root (a) and swap
	(b), with the rest in /usr (g). 

	2) Plug Jaz drive into a NetBSD 1.2 Sun3/50, boot 3/50.
	newfs /dev/rsd2a; newfs /dev/rsd2g
	mount /dev/sd2g /mnt
	dump 0f - /dev/rsd0g | (cd /mnt; restore rf -)
	umount /mnt
	mount /dev/sd2a /mnt
	dump 0f - /dev/rsd0a | (cd /mnt; restore rf -)
	shutdown -fh now

	3) Plug Jaz into 3/80 id 0, Boot netbsd sun3x from net, -a, tell
	it that root and swap are on the jaz disk.

	b le() -a
	boot: netbsd.sun3x
	root filesystem: sd0a
	swap: sd0b
	root filesystem type: ffs
	4) put kernel in place and install sun3x boot block ( I had
	put in /usr/mdec/sun3x)
	cp /netbsd.sun3x /netbsd
	cd /usr/mdec/sun3x
	cp bootxx /boot.sun3x
	cp ufsboot /ufsboot
	../installboot /ufsboot /boot.sun3x /dev/rsd0a
	shutdown -fh now

	5) Boot from Jaz
	b sd(0,0,0)

	All seems as expected. (caveat known stuff ps and everything kvmish)
	Am in the process of building my own kernel and updating utilities.


Bob Beck					 Obtuse Systems Corporation	
True Evil hides its real intentions in its street address. Search and you
shall find it, and the truth shall set you free.