Subject: Re: Sun3 and SMD drive and scsi drive.
To: Chris Davis <>
From: Bob Beck <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/03/1997 10:30:37
> 	I need help with the following:
> 	-Does anyone have a ramdisk kernel with the SMD drive entries in
> /dev. Could you send it to me.
> 	-Does anyone know how to put a disklabel on a scsi disk without
> sun os on a sun 3/160
> 	-Also, is their any way to increase the size of the ramdisk kernel
> so I can load the miniroot into the ramdisk and then onto the filesystem
> (I can't get nfs to work on my linux box)

	If you're booting from a linux box you have to upgrade your
NFS server to something recent. The one that comes with many of the
distributions is lame to the extreme. I'm using 2.2 beta23, but I
believe there is a release 2.2. The one that came with both RedHat
4.0 and Slackware 3.1 was lame. Dunno about RedHat 4.1, but there is 
so much lameness in most linux distributions I ususally recompile
anything important myself so I know what I'm getting.


	to get a new NFS. 

	Once you upgrade your NFS, you should have no problems booting
the ramdisk kernel. (assuming you have the other pieces, like tftp and
bootparamd working right) Once you do you can put a disklabel on your
SCSI disk right from there, and then install the miniroot. If you
don't upgrade your NFS on your linux machine you'll probably have
nothing but grief. (also remember when you change your exports file to
allow access to your soon-to-be netbsd machine, you must shoot both
rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd with a SIGHUP or kill and restart them).


> 						Thank you
> 						Chris
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