Subject: Re: NetBSD/sun3 stability?
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/02/1996 18:41:10

   How stable is the sun3 port these days? Were the si driver/pmap/dynamicly 
   linked programs start dumping core problems ever resolved?

I never saw this on my two 3/50s *except* when running diskless, in
which case it happened on demand and all the time.  With a disk it
seems to run well.

   I have a production(ish) 24M 3/60 that runs mail, name service, and a
   small news feed. I've been running SunOS 4.1 up until now. Our UUCP/ISP
   went out of business on _very_ short notice, and we've decided to install
   an ISDN line now that prices have dropped to a reasonable level. However,
   having the mail machine running an old SunOS with many well-known security
   problem makes me nervous, even behind a firewall.  So I'm looking at
   switching to NetBSD until such time as the machine gets replaced by a PC
   (running NetBSD). Comments on the advisability of this? 

Well, I compiled the world and it all went rather uneventfully, which
probably isn't a great test of how stable things are.  [I must admit
that it is not running anything very hard].

I am not sure that LKMs are supported on the Sun 3, yet....  At least,
it isn't clear that the MAKEDEV script makes a device for it [although
the mod* commands are compiled without complaint].

Brad Spencer -