Subject: Here is my _very_ loose instructions
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: David Graff <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/28/1996 18:01:48
The following is a very loose set of instructions to follow for booting a 
Sun3 from linux.  I take no responsibility for damage hardware or systems 
as a result of following these instructions.  I am open for questions on 
where I have been vague or ambiguous.  You can e-mail me at: 
Procedure for booting a Sun3 under linux for a NetBSD - Sun3 install 
first you need a pc running linux with a network card. 
Nextup...make life easy on yourself and pickup the Xkernel package from  This package includes all of the necessary essentials 
for booting a Sun3 from a non SunOS based machine (i.e. linux). 
Make sure that your linux kernel has rarp and NFS support installed. 
Compile bootparamd.  This %^&*ing program is a pain...there is much to 
be desired about rpcgen under linux.  For some reason the rpcgen included 
with linux and with Xkernel don't want to generate the bootparamd program 
files (at least for me).  I ended up getting the package rpcgen-proto ( i 
think it was .5) and used that...the compile went almost smoothly but I had 
to hack one of the .c files with an extra paramter which is not used ( i 
don't think...again).  After that, I compiled tftpd for good measure and 
and setup the proper bootfiles: linking netboot symbolicly to the hex enet 
addr of the sun box, putting the proper bootfile in the "root" for the 
machine, editing exports and bootparams in /etc to give the system its 
directories.  The best examples to follow are in the Xkernel docs. 
Once things are setup you should be able to boot the're on your 
own after that...NetBSD's "readme" docs for sun3 should be all you need 
David Graff 
July 28.1996 

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