Subject: Re: gatewaying in kernel rebuilds?
To: Elijah Wright <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/22/1996 09:45:49
On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Elijah Wright wrote:

> Hmm.  It IS on...  You don't know anything about this type of thing, do you?
> I'm trying to route a 10base2 ethernet with a PPP connection off the 3/60.

Just a little. :-) As a matter of fact, that's just how I'm getting
e-mail from and to you right now.

> I'm using unregistered numbers and just want to do HTTP and FTP.  =)  I'm
> trying to use routed; i understand this is a bad thing.  Does anyone know of
> a port-sun3 gated implementation (precompiled would be nice)???  Are there
> any wierd problems with the routing on the Sun3s?

The first step is to forget about routing protocols entirely and
use static routing. The only end that has to deal with routing is
the terminal server at the remote end of the PPP link. Do you have
control over this? Has it been set to know about your network and
tell other hosts on that network about it?

>From the sun3, you should check your routing table carefully (with
netstat -rn) and make sure all the appropriate stuff is there. You
should have a default route to the remote end of the PPP link (use
the default option in /etc/ppp/options). See if you can ping the
terminal server (using its IP address, not its name) from your Sun.
See if you can ping other hosts.

Then from the other host on your local network, make sure you can
ping the Sun (again, using IP addresses, not names). Make sure the
other host has the Sun specified as its gateway. Then try and ping
across the link.

You can use tcpdump on both your le0 and your ppp0 interfaces to
see just what's coming in and going out, to see just how far stuff
is getting.


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