Subject: Re: Sun 3 xdm
To: Jonathan O'Brien <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/20/1996 17:06:25
> I believe you can create a .xsession file in your home directory.
> Here is an example:
> xclock -geometry 86x78-4+805 &
> xterm -geometry 80x60+0+0 -name login &
> xterm -geometry 80x24+522-176 &
> xterm -geometry 80x24+522+0 &
> xconsole -geometry 399x69+524+737 &
> ctwm
> Any errors should be logged to ~/.xsession-errors

Thanks a lot.  That will help setting it up but I will have to 
create this file on every user's home dir, won't I?  

Is there any other more global approach?