Subject: Re: Advice connecting external SCSI devices
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Jim Conrad <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/19/1996 22:30:00
At 09:18 PM 7/18/96 -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:
>Does anyone have any practical advice for attaching non-Sun external
>SCSI enclosers to Sun 3/50 [or 4/110]???  In particular, the DD-50 [or
>whatever the 3/50 SCSI connecter is called] seems to be somewhat an
>odd item now-a-days.  Today, most enclosers seem to use Centronic
>connectors or the mini 50 pin SCSI-2 connector.
>[I'v seen adaptors for the DD-50 to mini 50, but have not clue one on
>who sells them.]

Both items (Cable and adapters) are available through Norfolk Wire and
Electronics in Virginia Beach Virginia. They will do mail order and their
prices are quite good.


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