Subject: Re: SCSI Question....
To: None <>
From: Elijah Wright <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/18/1996 09:00:01
At 07:56 AM 7/18/96 EST, you wrote:
>Ok now here is a question that I have gotten _many_ conflicting answers 
>What kind of SCSI controller is on the Sun3/160M system?  SCSI-1 or -2? 

I think that they're all SCSI-1.  Sun called their first scsi design scsi-1,
the one usually found on sun-2 boxes scsi-2, and the one common to Sun3
machines scsi-3 (3rd design).  VERY confusing, IMO.  It may be Sun's scsi-2,
conforming to the scsi-1 standard.  ;)

Check out the Sun hardware FAQ:  (Not sure if it tells that... should tell
which boards are stock and the part numbers, at least.  =)  )

>Right now there is a 50 pin (3-rows) D-Connector on it (VME Board That 
>is) and that's about all that I have to identify the VME board except for 
>the fact that it has the label "SCSI" painted next to the port. 

Does it have the part-number tag anymore?
>Now the thing that is "confusing" is that I have heard conflicting rumors 
>that I can hang a SCSI-2 HD off of a SCSI-1 controller or (the more 
>logical) hang a SCSI-1 HD off of a SCSI-2 controller.  I'm realy confused 

Yes and yes.  One way impairs the drive, the other the controller.