Subject: Re: cg4 problems revisited...
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: Virtually Here <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/11/1996 09:04:30
Gordon W. Ross just said:
> Just to recap:  Are you sure you are using the latest /sbin/config
> and that all the objects have been rebuilt?  (cg4 works for me...)

Yes.  I've rebuilt config a number of times, and did 'make includes',

"make clean" in the top src dir seems to have removed all the .o files,
and I've deleted the kernel's already in ../compile/ many times,
just to be sure.

Last night I was messing with cg4attach()...trying to get it to write
ANYTHING to the CG4REG_PIXMAP no avail.

I basically shoves a for loop after fb_attach() in cg4attach() which
did char *blah=bus_mapin(ca->ca_bustype, sc->sc_phys + CG4REG_PIXMAP,
CG4PIXMAP_SIZE); and then loops around *(blah+i)=0x1234;

This SHOULD (as I see it) have written _something_ to the cg4 pixmap
display, and given me a solid hunk of garbage.  Instead, I got vertical
stripes, very much like I do when Xsun starts.

I then tried sc->sc_phys + CG4REG_PIXMAP + 0x200000, and got the same results.
Same results again with + 0x400000.

I have cg4 being configured at 0xFF000000 as the SunOS config files show
it should be on my 3/110.  This seems to yield the same behavious as when
I had it configed at 0xFF200000 in the 1.1 GENERIC kernel....very

I'm about ready to chalk this up to a hardware problem, but it's a very
weird one!  bw2 seems to work fine, and Xsun -mono on cg4 works
just fine as well (just in B&W).

Somnething else to notice...if I have X started on bw2, then go back to
a console mode, I can never clear the top 100 pixels or so of the buffer.
That is, theconsole behaves normally, but I have the X 'checkerboard' across
the top of my screen forever.  Running X on bw2 lets be use that space..
is this normal behaviour?

It almost looks like my system is using the wrong resolution, but AFAIK
it can only be 1152x900...and the prom confirms this is what it should be
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