Subject: I GOT IT TO BOOT!!!
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: David J. Graff <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/04/1996 15:18:47
Turns out I had a few things conflicting

First of all in the Xkernel package someone has go to look at that and 
check the rpcgen included.

The problems that I ran into with that were enourmous.  I eventually gave 
up and grabbed rpcgen-proto-.5 from sunsite and that seemed to generate 
something that gcc liked a little more than the included rpcgen did.  
There were some warnings anlong the way  but the thing I noticed the most 
is that rpcgen is generating a 2-call header for two functions.  I don't 
remember the particular calls but I do remember that it was related to 
whoami_1 and getfile_1.  What I did was hack the rpc.bootparamd.c file 
and changed the calls to have an extra parameter of clnt of type CLIENT *.

If you change this and use the "stock" rpcgen you will have huge problems 
with another of the files that is rpcgen'ed and an unreferenced symbol.

If there is someone on the list that understands rpcgen programming 
please give me a hollar I would appreciate it.

I had to compile tftpd that came with the package which compiled 
without a problem.  This one atlease chroot's to a "proper directory."

Nextup was getting the file system mounted.  The error -1 that I was 
getting was because the file system had not mounted.  I was having some 
sort of problem with mountd that I somehow resolved.  If i remember what 
had happened correctly I just copied the bootparams file from Xkernel 
into /etc and did the fix there.  Also /etc/exports had to be modified 
with the parameters ro,insecure other wise I got the message (that I am 
still cracking up about) in my syslog file of mount attempted from <my 
sun3> to nfsd insecure, recommend psychoanalysis...

I was rolling on that one.  Anyway after fixin that I was able to boot 
the system and get it to the point where I can load and install the os on 
this thing as soon as I get a HD for it.

You guys have been a huge help!  I will attempt to put together a 
mini-FAQ on what I did.  and if I get _real_ crazy put together a 
distribution of what I did.  If anyone out there can figure out the 
problem that I had with rpcgen and knows of a fix to it great! tell me :-)