Subject: 3/260C to a good home
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: dave edmondson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/04/1996 13:33:03
i (well, sco, but they aren't interested) have a 3/260C which is now
taking up too much space.  we'd like to part with it, and a donation
to charity (still choosing which one) is deemed to be sufficient

ideally someone who will do `good works' on netbsd/sun3 would be the
recipient, but that's not a hard and fast restriction.

the machine comes as two deskside cabinets: the vme cage and a disk
housing.  the machine has a cg2, 19" hitachi monitor, keyboard, mouse,
etc.  the disks in the 2nd cabinet are connected to a xylogics (don't
recall which one now) and the machine has two memory cards (total of
16M ?).

about 6 months ago i ran netbsd/sun3 on this machine diskless, but i
just don't have the time to spend on it any more (cheap pc's are just
so much faster).

the hassle required to ship this stuff anywhere means that you'd have
to collect the machine and a reasonably sized car would be required.
we are in the watford area, near london, england.

i'm not on port-sun3 any more, so replies or questions direct to me