Subject: Re: Netboot sucessful!!!...sort of....
To: David Graff <>
From: Jeremy Cooper <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/02/1996 22:48:25
On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, David Graff wrote:

> I get this far
> > b ie() -s
> Boot: ie(0,0,0) -s
> Using IP Address = 2CFAFA02
> Booting from tftp server at = 2CFAFA01
> Downloaded 13312 bytes from tftp server.
> >> NetBSD netboot [$Revision: 1.2 $]
> Using IP Address = 2CFAFA02
> boot: client addr:
> boot: client name: xphile
> boot: subnet mask:
> boot: net gateway:
> boot: server addr:
> boot: server path: /export/root/xphile
> boot: netbsd: Unknown error: code -1

Could you do this again and send the tcpdump output like you did in the 
previous message?  I have a tip, but it probably isn't relevant 
at this stage:

Make sure that /sbin/init in /export/root/xphile is world-executable.  
For some reason the kernel does not access the root NFS partition 
as root, and consequently it cannot execute /sbin/init.  This sometimes 
comes up as a mysterious: Unknown error: code -1.