Subject: Re: clean your fans [reminder]
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Maarten Deen <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 07/02/1996 08:38:42
> I had noticed that my 3/60's fan screen was getting a little clogged with dust 
> so I took it apart today and vacuumed it out.  It didn't have dust bunnies, it 
> had dust carpets.  The grating was almost completely clogged with dust.  Yuck. 
>  It's running much freer now and I hope my sun stays cooler.  I took some 
> pictures so I'll have a URL for anyone who is interested in a couple-few 
> weeks. At that point, I'll also scan in the pictures I took afterwards of my 
> unique mounting location for the beastie.
> Clean your fans, before it's too late!

Totally off topic (really!) but for my first post, what the heck.

When I got my 3/50 with shoebox, I knew of the problem. So I tried it out. Turned
it on and felt the air. Mmm I thought. Not bad for ~8 years without cleaning.
Typical though, why is the air sucked from the outside in? Well, Sun has always
known better, I guess they found some freak way to cool their machines the best
way we can imagine. Still, cleaning is a must! Screw screw screw, vacuum vacuum
vacuum, screw screw screw. Hey! F*ck this! Now it is blowing air from the inside
out? Have I put it in the wrong way?! No I hadn't. The other fan (not tampered
with) was in the same orientation.

Moral of this story: It still does something with a carpet :-) but it does it
the wrong way. I guess cooling won't be very effective that way :-(



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