Subject: Re: Progress on the "Everything dumps core" problem
To: None <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/28/1996 23:32:52
I have three Sun 3/60's at my house that I've been playing with NetBSD on
for some time. All of them are maxed-out, RAM-wise (go get those 30-pin 1x9
SIMMs now - the PC weenies are dumping them to go to 72-pin SIMMs for a
song ($20-$22 per MB) as they upgrade to bloated W95 systems).

Two of the Suns (, have disks, and the
third one I netboot ( and serve off of one of the others
( The "everything core dumps" problem shows up only
occasionally on chronos, but more often than not on quartz. It is clearly
some shared library problem - if you try to telnet into a system in such a
state, you get a very odd "file does not exist" error with some trash
characters before the TCP connection goes away - I'm sure this is an
exec(2) error from inetd(8).

This problem has been with us for a long time - it happened to me prior to
the 1.1 release and prior to the DMA upgrades to the "si" driver (for
which, I might add, I am *quite* grateful - the performance win is
considerable - I run with si_options set to 3, since I had problems with
{de,re}select on the older set of the disks I have).

And people wonder why, despite the advantages of shared libraries (lower
RAM consumption, ability to update library routines system-wide, etc.) that
I am (and always have been) deeply suspicious of them as a critical
single-point for system-wide failure...

I will capture one of these errors and report to the list.

Erik Fair