Subject: Hmm. Sun3 self-tests.
To: Elijah L Wright <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/24/1996 11:58:25
>>>>> "Elijah" == Elijah L Wright <> writes:

Elijah> I'm getting curious.  Is there any way to get the self-test
Elijah> messages echoed to the monitor/keyboard console on a 3/50??
Elijah> I've been led to believe that these should be on the console,
Elijah> but I haven't seen them.  All I get is a Black screen until
Elijah> the self-tests are finished, diagnostic mode or not.

	Video on the Sun doesn't start until the self tests are
finished.  This is a fair amount of time even on my 4/260.  You pretty
well have to stare at the little line of LEDs on the back.

	The diag switch makes the console a 9600 7E1 on ttya.
However, this console starts doing things at the same time that the
video would.


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