Subject: Re: Some info on the sun3/60 needed...
To: None <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/22/1996 09:01:11
On Fri, 22 Mar 1996 wrote:

> The system is right now unable to boot, and i don't know if it is a 
> diskless station with a small swap, are there machines like that?

Well, there are plenty of diskless Sun 3/60s out there, but you
mention below that there's a disk drive on it. However, you can
test out whether or not it can boot by setting up a diskless boot
system on another Unix box, if you have one with an Ethernet card.
See the diskless(8) manpage for more details.

> And if there are can they be converted in an easy way (like buying a 
> big SCSI drive)? Or if the harddrive is broken? What drives are 
> supported by NetBSD?

NetBSD supports any SCSI hard drives. The only trick with the Sun
3s is to get a cable that will work for you, since the 3s have a
50 pin `D' connector for the SCSI port, which is not a terribly
popular format these days. If your system comes with an external
disk box, however, this isn't a problem, since the internal cabling
in this is usually quite standard.

>  sun3/60 (How fast?)

68020 CPU at 20 MHz, about 3 MIPS.

>  16Mb RAM (Whats the maximum? Type?)

It takes parity 1MB 30-pin SIMMS. You can put a maximum of 24MB in
the machine.

>  20" color monitor (what color options are there? 4bit? 8bit?)

8-bit, 1152x900. (A 20" colour monitor is a wonderful thing to
have, BTW; I'm quite envious.)

>  some sort of tapedrive, it is black and i think it is 150Mb a tape.
>  Large micropolis harddrive, maybe with a MFM to SCSI converter?!?

This would be the sun hatbox, most likely. It has a central bay
with the tape drive in it (and controller board underneath that),
the power supply on the left, and the drive mounted on its side on
the right, right? The two cables going into the drive are the ESDI
control and data cables. The tape drive is usually 60MB, as I

Somewhere on the web (you can do a search to find it) is the _Sun
Hardware Reference_, which will give you more detail than you ever
wanted to know about these boxes.


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