Subject: Re: diskless install?
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/14/1996 15:16:09
> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:20:56 -0500 (EST)
> From: Daniel Garcia <>

> Hello alls,
> I have a sun3/50 that i'm attempting to get to run diskless via a linux

> In addition, i'm exporting /usr/NetBSD/netbsd.sun3/usr.
Need to export that too, of course, and arrange for it to be
mounted by adding the appropriate line to /etc/fstab, i.e.

 server:/export/netbsd.sun3/usr /usr nfs ro,-r=1024,-w=1024

> Finally, i'm using the netbsd-gen kernel that was under NetBSD-current
> on

> The kernel appears to go through the boot process (i'm in diagnostic mode,
> booting with b le() -s), but just after it mounts the root dir and the swap
> file, it hangs.  (perhaps linux has a problem exporting a file?).  Any
> idea on what would be causing this?  Here's the output from my boot sequence:
> Thanks in advance for any ideas :)

> >b le() -s
> root on bitsy:/usr/NetBSD/icarus/root
> WARNING: bad date in battery clock -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
> swap on bitsy:/usr/NetBSD/icarus/swap

When this is the last thing you see, it usually means init
can not open the console device.  Does /dev/console exist?