Subject: Re: xd driver fix
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Don Koch <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/03/1996 22:06:07
> Jason R. Thorpe wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Mar 1996 20:12:40 -0500 
>  "Don Koch" <> wrote:
>  > Just a note to let those of you who care that I've sent in a patch for
>  > some serious Xylogics 753/7053 driver bugs.  I've actually mounted a
>  > drive on a 3/280.
> That's teriffic...Charles Hannum, Chuck Cranor, and I were working on it 
> one day a couple of weeks ago, but didn't actually get the drive to mount...

The major problem now is that it spews out a ton of "out of DVMA space"
warnings (well, the warnings are minor, the system hanging while it
spews them to a 9600 baud terminal is major ;-).

>  > I don't know if there is a similar problem on the sparc, but I sent in
>  > a patch to fix the same problems I found in the sun3 code.  I (and, more
>  > to the point, several others) would appreciate someone testing this patch
>  > on a Sun4 with a Xylogics 7053 controller.  Since I don't have a sparc
>  > (vme or otherwise), I can't test the sparc version of this patch.  (If
>  > someone want's to donate a board... :-).
> The sparc version works well ... but, your diffs look like they will work 
> on that version, too ... they should probably go into that one so that 
> one day the two ports can share xd/xy drivers...

Given the stuff I changed, I'm surprised the sparc worked.  Probably a
different rev Xylogics board.

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