Subject: MD21 Help?
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/02/1996 11:56:58
This isn't NetBSD/sun3 related (yet? :->), but as this is probably one of 
the best sources of sun3 information avaailible, here goes:

I'm trying to revive a shouebox for a friend. It's got the MD21 and a 
Microp. 1558 drive, as well as the tape drive and controller, which I've 
removed for now. I've configured the MD21 for ID 1 since my regular drive 
is on 0. Nothing else is on the bus. The DIPs on the MD21 are set to 1 
on, the rest off, per a photocopied sheet I have. 1 set ON should select 

There are no jumpers installed on any of the jumper pins on the MD21. 
Should there be?

The 1558 was connected with the command cable to J1 on the MD21. It seems 
to be connected correctly (pin1 = red stripe, etc). The Data cable was 
connected to J3. Seems like Drive 0 should be on J2, so I switched it, 
but it made no difference. The unit behaves the same either way. The Data 
cable is also installed correctly as far as I can tel (card edge end is 
keyed, other end is pin1 matching red stripe)

The 1558 is also jumpered correctly as far as I can tell: W2 and DA1 are 
jumpered, the rest open, which is correct as far as I can tell.

Actually, I just fooled a bit more, and now after attempting to label the 
disk (still Data on J2), it now shows up in the boot message at sd2, 
which it did not before. Aha! I suspect J2 is correct/

The green LED on the MD21 blinks constantly at 2-3 times a second, BTW. 

Now, when I try to format w/ SunOS's format command (under SunOS 4.1), the
red LED comes on for a second or two, goes off, and after a few more
seconds, I get a error: 

Formatting...sd2:  I/O request timeout
	csr= 0x407  bcr= 0  tcr= 0x4
	cbsr= 0x0 (BUS FREE)  cdr= 0x0  mbr= 0x0 bsr= 0x0
	target= 1, lun= 0    DMA addr= 0x3d34 count= 0 (20)
	cdb=    15  1  0  0  14  0
	last phase= 0x8b (Disconnect MSG)   0
	last phase= 0x83 (Save ptr MSG)   0
	last phase= 0x40 (DATA OUT)   20
	last phase= 0x8 (COMMAND)   1   0
	last phase= 0x81 (Arbitration)
	last phase= 0x8c (Cmd complete MSG)   0
	last phase= 0xc	(STATUS)   0
	last phase= 0x4 (DATA IN)   20
sd2:  format failed, no retries
Warning: using default mode select parameters.
Warning: Drive format may not be correct.

Block 3  (0/0/3), Fatal non-media error (unknown error)

OBTW, the MD21 is terminated, my regular disk (Fujitsu 1G) is not and is 
in the middle. The bus should be corretly terminated this way.

Ideas? Please cc any replies to, since I don't get netbsd 
mail at that address, and my regular address is down while I'm fooling 
with this.

Any help appreciated. Rapid help even more so :-). Anyone who can help me 
get this working by the end of the day gets a chocolate chip cookie :-)