Subject: Moving a Sun3 - no /usr/share
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/20/1996 14:37:32
I just got round to bringing my 3/50 back home from work, and had some
difficulty booting it.

It's still on v1.0, and it paused for a (very) long time at 'starting network'.

Admittedly, there isn't very much on the Ethernet it's on at home - just an
LC and a PowerMac - but it *is* a proper ethernet.

It *is* also trying to mount /usr/share off a machine that does not exist
at home - but if I understand /etc/rc correctly, it hasn't got to that
stage - it should still be in /etc/netstart.

You can kick the process by a ^C - it then carries on with the boot.  In
any case, leaving it for a few minutes makes it carry on, but no errors are

It next pauses when trying to start portmap.  If you ^C that, it will go
all the way up, or similarly if you wait several minutes again.

Unfortunately, /usr/share is more important than I realised - it has the
terminfo stuff in it, it seems. Oh well ;-(

Anyone have any ideas why start-up is so slow?

I will probably upgrade to -current just as soon as I write the ethernet
drivers for the mac68k/LCIII port (!), and I can mount most of the tree via
NFS from my LC.

If I'm feeling really brave, I might get myself a serial cable, and set up
NFS via PPP (or SLIP) between the 3/50 and the LCIII.


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