Subject: Re: Problems with disk
To: Trent McNair <>
From: Mauricio Tavares <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/14/1996 20:38:09
While shopping for shruberries, Trent McNair pondered:
> I have had a terrible morning.  My drive still does't work, I think it's 
> a hardware problem.  I can write very small programs to the swap 
> partition, but anything over about 50k fails.  When I try to run fsck I 
> get all kinds of errors (i.e. cant read, cant write, soft error, blah blah).
	Could it be those jumpers in the back?  The only one I have is 
the one that tells the drive will provide power for the terminator (or 
something like that; I just had a piece of cake and am not thinking too 
much =).  Everything else is of.

> So today I'm going over to my brothers house to use his ps scsi 
> controller to format my drive.  I would be worried about doing something 
> wrong but I'm about to chuck the drive out the window anyway.
	If you lived close to Gainesville, FL, we could slap it in my 
beast and see what is going on.

> Does anyone know some parameters upon formating that will make the drive 
> friendly with NeBSD? Just some generalities.
	A club like those used by the cavemen.


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