Subject: More problems with the disk
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/08/1996 21:32:23
Hello, everyone.

I thank you all for the technical help that many of you have been giving
me to set my three Sun3/60 up.

Now, however, things got much worse to me.  The disk was working unreliably
with one of the Suns, then I decided to switch to another to check if it
could be an internal problem.  The second and third Suns with older PROMs
did not even boot.  Then I took the disk back to the first one and noticed
that the root partition lost its files and disklabel was a little different.

I booted from the net and started reformatting the partitions.  When I
was formatting home partition I noticed that newfs aborted with one
of those wierd messages "wanted 10 got 6" and "ncr_..." (already with
the patched kernel), and with a new message informing error in wtfs (I
checked wtfs and there's no entry in any man page I could read).

Now I feel I am in real trouble because, if the system wasn't working
reliably before, now it doesn't even work!!

I am getting mad with these Suns.  I need one of them to boot from the HD
and let the other two boot from the export partition in this HD (which
also did not format).  The Sun is currently booting from an PC which will
probably return to its DOS/Netware Client as soon as vacations finish and
we need to develop knowledge in UNIX here because the current team is
finishing college and won't last forever in the administration of our
main servers.

If it might be of some help, these are my partitions on the Sun:

	a: /  (100Mb)
	b: swap  (32Mb)
	e: /usr  (350Mb)
	f: /var  (150Mb)
	g: /home  (1.2Gb)
	h: /exports  (100Mb)

The order of the listing is the same as sectors are contiguously allocated.
I could newfs a through f, but newfs on g and h finishes with error just
after starting.

I thank for any clue.