Subject: Re: Can't partition and format Sun3 disk
To: Keith Moore <>
From: David Jones <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/31/1995 08:55:00
> Sun did the obvious thing: within a shoebox, they crimped DB-50s onto each end 
> of a 50-conductor ribbon cable (the connectors labeled "scsi in" and "scsi 
> out") and a 50-pin header onto the middle, then connected the header to the 
> SCSI controller.

OK, just to see if I got this right...

I have a 4/100 CPU card that has a three-row, 50-pin SCSI connector on it.
I also have a SCSI tower with a standard 50-pin ribbon cable coming out of it.

If I go down to Active Components and buy a 50-pin connector, and crimp it
onto the ribbon cable coming out of the SCSI tower such that pin 1 on the
cable is next to pin 1 on the connector, then all will be happy, right?