Subject: Re: Can't partition and format Sun3 disk
To: Brett Glass <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/30/1995 16:18:49
On Sat, 30 Dec 95 16:20:12 PST 
 "Brett Glass" <> wrote:

 > Agree: NetBSD really needs a good low-level formatter. I'd be happy to
 > write one, but first I need a to get a working NetBSD system up and
 > running. Also docs for the Emulex bridge board and information on how
 > NetBSD likes to store the defect list.

For SCSI, anyhow, NetBSD _should_ be using standard SCSI block 
reassignment.  The OS shouldn't have to know _anyhting_ about the layout 
of any disk connected via SCSI.  When a surface analysis program 
encounters a bad block, it should perform a "reassign block" command and 
let the disk's (or Emulex's) firmware deal with it.

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