Subject: Re: Can't partition and format Sun3 disk
To: Tom Samplonius <>
From: Brett Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/30/1995 10:41:43
> Doesn't the shoebox use standard SCSI DB50?  So any SCSI
> centronics or mini50 to DB50 cable should work?

I believe that a DB-50connector was made an "alternate" standard for
SCSI, mainly to placate some vendors (NCR wanted them to keep buying
SCSI chips).  But it was expensive to make cables with this connector, so
few people ever did. I believe that Sun uses something different still. The
two connectors that DID catch on were the Centronics-50 and the internal
50-pin header.  Apple established a de facto standard for DB-25.  And
SCSI-2 established a standard for a skinny AMP connector that almost always
falls off.