Subject: Re: Selecting ethernet port
To: behind brown eyes <>
From: Mauricio Tavares <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/26/1995 20:17:48
While shopping for shruberries, behind brown eyes pondered:
> According to Mauricio Tavares:
> > 	As I was doing some tests with the 3/50 in the diagnostic mode, I
> > found that the external loopback test works fine if I use the AUI port but
> > not if I use the 10Base2 port.  Assuming you can select which port to use,
> > how to select the 10Base-2 one? 
> > 
> I believe there is a DIP switch, you want all the switches one direction for
> the AUI port, and the opposite direction for the 10Base-2 port. If I'm wrong
> on this, let me know, and I'll dig up a point to the Sun hardware FAQ.
	I will look for this switch tomorrow morning (the machine is on 
campus and I am at home).  I will keep you posted of my findings.


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