Subject: Re: Conner 1.08GB drive & 3/50
To: Mauricio Tavares <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/25/1995 19:58:38
On Mon, 25 Dec 1995, Mauricio Tavares wrote:

> 	How would I go about booting the machine diskless and then using tftp 
> to get the kernel?  From the 1.1 docs, I understood that you would first 
> have to have access to either a tape drive or NFS server.

Does netboot use tftp? I know that the SunOS boot loader uses NFS. But then
again, it's also about eight times the size. :-)

Anyway, getting this up and running is not tough if you've got a
NetBSD machine handy. If not, or if you need help with this, the
best step might be to grab a copy of the Linux version Xkernel for
the Sun 3. This has fairly detailed instructions on how to get a
Sun 3 to netboot, and also source code for rarpd, bootparamd, etc.,
in case your system doesn't have it. (If you can't find this with
Archie or whatever, drop me a line and I'll put it up for FTP here.)

> 	Given the 1GB drive I will eventually put on the machine 
> (whenever it arrives, that is), what would be the recommended partition 
> sizes to run NetBSD in the 3/50?  I myself though on having one partition 
> big enough for the basic root stuff (32-50MB is big enough?), another 
> 30-40MB for swap since I do not have that much RAM, and the rest for /usr.

You want a fair amount of room for /var. If you had a small disk (100-200 MB)
I'd just recommend devoting the whole thing to root. However, on a drive
that size, here's what I'd normally use (all sizes are in MB):

Partition Size	Mount point
	a   20	/ (root)
	b   32	(swap)
	e   32	/tmp
	f   80  /var
	g  250  /usr
	h  570  /home

That /usr is big enough for a system with kernel source, X11 and
a fair amount of stuff in /usr/local; if you're going to have a
full source tree you might want to add another fifty or hundred
megabytes to it.

If you think you're not ever going to use all that room on /home,
feel free to bump the swap and /tmp up to 64MB, and /var up to
whatever you like.


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