Subject: Re: Sun 3/50 Networking Problems
To: None <>
From: michael smith <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/22/1995 09:59:51
   > No, but it would be really cool if a new PAL could enable the 3/60
   > to take say 4M simms.  Dunno if the address lines for that are connected.
   >      -Z,
   >      who has considered getting a huge VME box and filling it with 3/60's
   >      for a nice net in one box. :)
   yes, It would be cool indeed. I found the pal images on Does anyone know how to modify them? And, which ones?

Uh, that depends; are we talking about fuse maps (JDEC files) here, or
reverse-engineered source code, or the original code?  Of the three, only
the last is really useful.

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