Subject: Re: Conner 1.08GB drive & 3/50
To: Mauricio Tavares <>
From: Tom Samplonius <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/20/1995 10:20:17
On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, Mauricio Tavares wrote:

> 	I am planning on installing NetBSD 1.1 in a currently diskless 
> 3/50.  To do that, I bought a Conner 1.08GB SCSI drive, which I will 
> install in an external case, and a DB50->Centronics 50 cable.  I will try 
> to install it from an Exabyte 8200 8mm tape drive.  Here are my questions:
> 	o Will the 3/50 be happy with the Exabyte?

  I don't think so.  I believe 3/x systems can only boot from a QIC 24 or 
sometimes a QIC 150.  You will probably need to netboot it to install.  
The boot rom just isn't that smart in the Sun 3 line.

> 	o I do not remember seeing much stuff in the install documentation 
> 	  regarding partitioning a drive before installing NetBSD.  Is it 
> 	  assumed we are using the default configuration, whatever it 
> 	  might be?

  The installation guide is a little thin in this area.  You do need to 
partition the disk into slices for root, swap and /usr.

> 	o The installation docs also mentioned using a terminal connected to
> 	  the Sun's serial port during the installation process.  Do I *need* 
> 	  that?  Can't I simply use the machine's screen/keyboard?

  Sure (well, works for me).  The install recommends run diagnostics.  
You need the terminal for that.  Also, many Sun 3 owners don't have 
working keyboards and/or monitors anymore so use a terminal all the time.